The Parish priest

Don Michael Polizzi

  Is been born to Ciminna (PA ) the 26/9/1945. 

  It has completed the studies in the Archiepiscopal Seminary of Palermo and has been ordered to Presbiter the 30/6/1968 from the Cardinal  Archbishop Francis Carpino.

  From 1968 to 1980 he has carried out the ministry of cooperator Vicario in the Parish of S. Michel Archangel. From 1 October 1980 till 2009 he has been Parish priest

  of St. Mary Consolatrix to the Ruffini Village. Episcopal Vicary  of  the IV Vicariat from 25 October 2007; Member of the diocesane Commission for the scrutinies

  on suitability of  the under orders sacred candidates 29 February 2008,  22 February 2011 has been name Parish priest of the
Parish of Saint Peter Apostle.